Thank You To Our Volunteers

Date: 22nd Feb 2021 Author: Matthew Ruddle

Here’s a message from Bear Grylls (Chief Scout) and Tim Kidd (UK Chief Commissioner)

This week is all about saying thank you. Especially to you.
We’ve all been through a lot this year. In our home lives, we’ve been looking after our families and loved ones, doing our best to keep them safe and well.
At work, things haven’t been easy either. Many of you are key workers, supporting our vital services. Others are still adjusting to different ways of working and home schooling. That’s tested all our patience (not to mention long-forgotten algebra).
Throughout this, so many of you have found time to support Scouts too. For that, we wanted to say a huge thank you.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a great big thank you from our parents.

Parents have bombarded us with messages about the incredible difference you’ve made. Here are just some of them:

‘Thanks for keeping Scouts going through all of this – you’re amazing.’

‘You’ve been so inspiring and entertaining with your virtual meetings. Some weeks it’s been the only time they’ve seen people outside their family. Thank you.’

‘Scouts has been absolutely brilliant for my two this year. Thank you.’

‘Thank you to my son’s brilliant Cub leaders. I can’t praise them enough for their efforts this year.’

And this is a thank you for everyone.
We know Scouts doesn’t just happen. We know so many of you are supporting behind the scenes with risk assessments, by applying for funding, looking after our buildings, keeping things spick and span or just stopping the IT from falling over. This is a thank you to you unsung heroes too.
We also know some of you have struggled to fit volunteering alongside your other commitments. And we just wanted to say it’s okay if you’re taking your time. These months have been so tough, and we’ve got a lot on our plate. We know that just because you haven’t found time that doesn’t mean you care any less. We know you do, and you’re still such a valued member of our family of Scouts. So we’d like to thank you too. We’re with you, and we’ll support you every step of the way.
What a difference you’ve made together.
You’ve kept our movement going and we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ll never forget how you supported young people it when it mattered most.

Helping you thank others with #ThankTwo

This year, we’re running something called #ThankTwo. It’s a great way to thank those who’ve gone the extra mile (or two).
Here’s how it works: Simply download one of our posters here write on the names of people you want to thank and put them up in your window at home.
They could be Scout volunteers or someone else who’s gone above and beyond. Then tag them on social media with #ThankTwo– posting a picture of your posters if you can. It’ll be such a special way to show your gratitude.
Let’s say it again because you deserve it: Thank you!
Whatever you’ve done this year, no matter how large or small, or even if you’ve had to step away for a short while, please accept a well-deserved (but socially-distanced) pat on the back.
So here’s to you: our future makers and dream builders. Our smilers and inspirers. Our roll-up-our sleevers, behind the sceners, Zoomers and true believers.
Quite simply, you’re amazing.
Thank you.
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout
(And from me too! Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner)
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls